Thursday, September 18, 2008

Third Week of September Update

Well, good news is, we recovered from the previous weeks, and are back on track, but the entire process took a week longer than expected.

All in all, we were able to reduce our debt a little more than last week, but not by much at all...

We started the week at $6,358.24, and now our balance is $6,118.24, just $240 lower than last week.

So, since the beginning of the month, we've paid $993.83 off the American Express.  Next week will signal a fairly decent decrease, and should reduce our debt by at least $300 more.

During August, by week 3, we'd progressed $1,531.94, so we are running about $540 behind where we were last month, but we also had an extra $700 worth of expenses that were out of the ordinary, so we would actually be about $150 ahead of last month - which is pretty encouraging, in spite of not really feeling like we are accomplishing much.

Also, October hails a 5 payday month, so we should be able to recoup some ground there.

With as much as is happening in the financial news around the nation, I really wish I had more time to put thoughts down, but work has me absolutely swamped.  That coupled with everything else really has me out of the loop.  Although, if all I have time for is chronicling my climb out of debt, then I really have fulfilled my original purpose for this blog.

We aren't there yet, but we keep pushing closer.  And every step makes the next step that much easier.


  1. Wow, you are really doing fantastic! Are your debt meters updated to reflect your current progress?

  2. I'm lucky to reduce our debt by a few hundred a month. You guys are doing absolutely amazing reducing it several hundred a week. I'm curious what your focus will be after the credit card debt is gone. Start paying one car quickly and then the other, or both of them at the same time? Don't worry about the financial news out there, you're bailing yourself out without the governments help.