Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Common Sense Fix

For those of you following the Congressional bailout for Wall Street, check this out:
Dave Ramsey’s Common Sense Fix
The dude is right on the money on this one, in my estimation.  Write your Senators and your Representative and let them know.
If there was EVER a time to let them know what you think, now is it.

EDIT: He even mentioned on his radio show today that this isn't his idea, its just that he has a "pulpit to preach from" on it...

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  1. This wasn't Dave Ramsey's fix, it was a fix that has been out there for a few years. Dave has a very direct way to package an idea and put it out there. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich also mentioned these things instead of using 700B of taxpayer dollars. If bad debt is a problem, why go deeper into debt to pretend to fix the problem? It's throwing good money after bad.