Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Week of September Update

About the only good thing with this week is the fact that it was so short.  They cashed our earnest money check, so that dropped our debt reduction by $500.  Hopefully, they cut us a check for at least part of that, since we really didn’t get far in the process at all.  I’m not questioning the decision, just bummed that I got $500 ahead of myself on the deal.

So, on to the progress made this week.  We started the month with $7,112.07 on my American Express.  Interest hit on the first of the month, so with the payments I sent in, we are now at $6,590.24, or $521.83.  So, if the earnest money hadn’t been spent, we would have gotten through the first week reducing our debt over $1,000.  I’m half tempted to just float the earnest money among other accounts, or as part of our emergency fund, just to really get to dropping the balance on the card.  Still, since I’m counting last Thursday as the first day in September, we were still able to reduce our debt by $74.54 per day.  Not bad, but I would have liked to do better.

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