Tuesday, September 9, 2008

cherry pits don’t taste good.

Today, I’m very bummed. I was pretty bummed last night as well. First of all, its a fairly dreary day with the rain, anyway. But a call I got this morning didn’t help much.

The home builder denied the request to refund even part of the $500 in earnest money. Apparently the lender that sent the pre-qualification over didn’t paint as black a picture for the builder as he did for me. I like the builder, I think they are fair, and do a good job, but I think they have a mortgage lender they work through who is either a flake or a crook. I’ll definitely be using my own guy for our mortgage, whenever the time comes.

The check for the refrigerator hit this week, and the the earnest money hit last week, so that’s $700 in expenses that I wasn’t really anticipating slowing my progress this month. I still feel that I got a good deal on the fridge, but if I’d been thinking about it a little more, I might have passed over the opportunity to get it. Still, what’s done is done.

As it sits right now, we, in a backward sort of way, have a $500 incentive to purchase from the home builder now (I was at least informed that they wouldn’t double-charge me the earnest money, for a while, anyway). Still, though, it sucks that I just didn’t learn my lesson fast enough on that one.

The whole deal is really throwing me for a loop. I haven’t gotten a call back on the evening/weekend positions I was trying for, and my wife hasn’t heard back from anybody, either.

So, raising our income doesn’t seem to be doable at this point, and we’re stuck in this rut of making a little progress, but it just doesn’t seem to be going fast enough. I’d like to call a “re-do” on my finances from the time I turned 17.

what an absolutely depressing day.


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