Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fourth Week of September Update

Well, I had forgotten that I was going to be out of town part of this past week, so I was away from blogging and just about everything else on Thursday. So this is a couple of days late, but better late than never, eh?

Our balance on the American Express card starting the week was $6,118.24. We had a payment on the other card come due, and with my trip out of town, there were a few miscellaneous expenses that ran just a little higher than if I'd stayed home, so we were able to make some progress, but we still fell quite a bit short of our goal, which was to get the AmEx down to $4,600. Our current balance is $5,802.24, a full $1,200 less than what my goal was. True, we did have the extra $700 worth of expenses this month that would have allowed that balance to drop even more, but it would have been nice to at least within $1,000 of our goal. Perhaps I set it a little aggressively.

Still, we paid off $1,309.83, and that works out to about $43 per day. Not too bad, but it could have been better. We would have just broken the $2,000 barrier if not for the $700 worth of expenses, so, all in all, it was a really good month. We are within a week of having credit card debt under $10k, and I'm VERY excited about that - I can't even remember the last time I only had $10k worth of credit card debt. It must have been at least five years ago.

I'm excited about the progress being made, but am so very ready to be completely debt free. The cards will be a major part of that, since I see them and the student loans as being the only "bad debt" that we have.

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