Friday, September 12, 2008

Second Week of September Update

Well, there is some good news – the flat got fixed at Discount Tire for $0.00.  Zip, zero, zilch, nada!  Another tick in the column of why I don’t even bother to shop around when I’m looking for tires.  They have my business, and it isn’t worth saving $20 or even $30 a tire somewhere else after the level of service I get from those guys.

And the rear brake light was a $5.00 bulb/installation, and the inspection on my wife’s car went through without a hitch after that got fixed.  So, all in all, we spent about $45 that day, instead of the $500+ I was expecting.  I still need to get new tires on my wife’s car, but they’ll last another month or two, and give me some time to save up for it.

As to the debt-reduction progress we made this week, I accidentally sent a $75.00 payment to the wrong credit card, so we dropped our total balance, just not on the one that I wanted to drop.

So, we started the month with 7,112.07 on the American Express.  Last week, we dropped it to 6,590.24.  This week, the balance is $6,358.24, meaning we paid $232 this week, or just over $33 per day.  Our monthly total is still over $750, but to make our goal of just over $2,500, we’d need to have at least $1,250 paid off at this point (probably more than that, actually, since I get a vehicle allowance check at the beginning of the month, over and above my regular salary).

So, while we haven’t been completely shut down by the extra $700 worth of expenses we encountered so far this month, it has slowed our progress considerably.

My wife has some side work this evening, and she worked a little more this week than last week, so we’ll see how much we can reduce our debt next week.

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