Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October Goals – and other things

Well, I went for an interview on Sunday @ Wal-Mart, and they offered me the job (part-time cashier) pending background check and drug test. Could be called in for orientation as early as Saturday. The way I figure it, that will bring an extra $100 or so per week to the table, further reducing our debt. My wife has an interview tonight, so we’ll see if she finds something extra on the side as well.

I got another credit line increase with one of my paid off credit cards. I’ve been hesitant to cancel the cards, because I’d really like to get into a house before I start messing with my credit, and I’ve got the self-control not to turn back to the cards. Its absolutely insane that I have as much credit available to me as I do – I could buy a small house purely on credit.

Anyway, on to the October goals… There should be some extra income for both of us, and we have 5 weeks worth of time to reduce debt. This means that our goal should be somewhat easier than September's. I’m going to put it down that I want to cut our credit card balance on the American Express by more than a third this month. Starting with $5,802.24, I’d really like to see our balance drop below $3,400 this month. Somewhat aggressive, but we should be able to beat that if both of us are working extra. Last month, we would have paid off just over $2,000 had we not spent that extra $700, so with an extra week, we should be able to get close to $2,500, without any extra work. If we are trying to get the AmEx paid off by the end of the year, this will put our goal to just $1,700 in November and December, which should be easily achievable goals.

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