Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What’s Your Biggest Financial Vice?

I read a post this morning over at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already, which was referencing a post over at Five Cent Nickel

So, the question is where are you the least thrifty?  What do you continue to buy, regardless of the value of it?  What must you pour money into continually?

My answer is the same as nickel’s…  Food.  I go out to eat for lunch almost every workday, spending from $6-$12 every single day.  I feel bad about not going, because we are a pretty close office, and we all load up and go to lunch together a majority of the time.  Sometimes, the food is purchased via company credit card, but, more often than not, we are on our own.  This accounts for an extra $200/month or so in expenses.  Granted, not all of that would be recouped by eating on my own, but a good portion of it could be, freeing up at least $100/month to put towards debt reduction…

I really need to buckle down and cut some of these extra expenses.

So what’s your biggest financial vice?


  1. Mine is definetly eating out which I am working on it.Bringing brown bag to work sometimes soooo hard.I've been doing since monday though :)

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