Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pay Per Post

I have now signed up for a new service to hopefully provide me with some more content for my blog, but also toss a little extra change my way.  It is called PayPerPost.  Basically, the service is an opportunity for bloggers to meet advertisers on a common website and allow advertisers to get support for their product or service through online word of mouth.  Although I'm hoping that this will give me a chance to earn a little extra income, I'm just as interested in seeing some of the new products and services available in the area of personal finance/debt elimination and having the opportunity to write about them.

I found PayPerPost through Chicky Finance and decided to give it a try after seeing her glowing review of the site.  While I admit that my readership is small, and I'm not a full-time blogger, (two things that will limit the number of opportunities I can take advantage of) I'm still excited about the potential it has to help grow my readership, and make a little side dough while I'm at it...  Of course, having good content is a must for any blogger, and this will also hopefully give me some ideas to spur me on even further in my seemingly never-ending quest for the elimination of debt...

Also, any post that is sponsored by PayPerPost will have the following icon at the bottom of the post, so you can distinguish a sponsored post from an unsponsored one. In addition, I will also fully adhere to the blog ethics required by PPP...

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  1. Good luck! When I started I didnt have many readers either but still you can make $50-$100 with little effort.