Monday, July 21, 2008

Life is What Happens When You are Busy Doing Other Things

This past weekend, we had a family reunion, which was good, and somewhat sad at the same time.  I hadn’t been in three or four years, and several of the older crowd didn’t make it.  Some didn’t make it because they weren’t feeling well enough to make the trip, but some didn’t make it because they have left this life.  I barely recognized some of the kids, now that they are grown up.  But that’s life, isn’t it?

In other news, for the past two weeks, either my wife or I have been sick with something – more than allergies, but not a full-blown flu or cold necessarily…  Whatever it is, it was miserable.  This week, I’m hoping to catch up on my financial situation, since I haven’t looked at anything in about two weeks now.

I made another purchase the other day.  A friend of mine got out of his film camera, a Canon Rebel, for which he had various lenses, a flash, and other accessories.  I think the price I paid was a good deal, I just have to be careful that I don’t drive us to the poor house getting good deals.  But now, I think we can really buckle down and get some things taken care of.  We don’t really need anything else (big-ticket items, anyway), and everything that we have is in good working order.

So, all of that to say that I know that I need to update the debt chart, and I’ve got some catching up to do…  It’ll happen soon, though…

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  1. It was actually an Elan and not a Rebel - I sold the Rebel in like 1995. And the money got put into a low end Parker instead of the digital Nikon. Figure I'll get more use out of the guitar these days than a camera. :-D