Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update Thursday: 1st Week of July

Well, nothing like starting the month in the hole!  I didn’t get a chance for a payment to hit, and one of the credit cards charged interest yesterday, so we start with a $13 hit to our goal.  Here’s the numbers:

Start of the Month:


Start of the Week:




Total Paid Off This Week:


Total Paid Off:




Left to Pay Off for Goal:


At least we are pretty well caught up everywhere else.  Medical could use some help, since I wasn’t anticipating a $55 bill for asthma medication this month, and we’ve apparently been spending more on gas lately, but everything else is just about even.  If we can get a little better handle on our grocery budget, we should be fine.  Hopefully by next week, we’ll have made decent positive progress against our goal, too.

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