Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update Thursday: 4th Week of May

Not a good week at all.  We ended up spending way over and above what we actually paid off.  Fortunately, now we won’t have to buy tires for the car for a while, but it is frustrating when I don’t see any progress, or even backpedal.  My wife’s birthday was this week, too, so we ended up going to a nice place (not as expensive as last year’s anniversary dinner, but still pricey), and I got her a good, compact camera.  I got a great deal on the camera, but it wasn’t in the budget.  Unfortunately, neither were tires, and so this week undid all the progress we’ve made this month.  Unless I dip into the emergency fund to pay for the tires.  So frustrating.

Start of the Month:


Start of the Week:




Total Paid Off This Week:


Total Paid Off:




Left to Pay Off for Goal:


That just burns me up.


  1. I would have broken the glass on the EF for the tires. You need the tires for the car to work, it's a priority. Wife's birthday gift though, wouldn't an IOU have been better? Sure you got a great deal, but putting it on the credit card makes it a stupid move. I've been in your position in the past, so I can relate to what you're doing. It really feels like you got beat up when you're trying to pay something down and then the balance goes back up. Hang in there though and try to get back on track.

  2. Hate when that happens too. Keep striving!