Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update Thursday: Too Long Gone Edition

I really need to get back on track with churning out the Thursday updates, if only to help spur me on to further accomplishments.  It has been pretty depressing to see our money go out the door to things other than debt reduction, especially after making such progress in the final months of 2008.

I do need to remember that I was working two jobs vs. the one I am working now.  Add to that the fact that we now are in a house vs. an apartment, and suddenly I begin to see clearly why we aren’t making any progress.  Then throw on top of that the fact that we are having to make purchases and sock away money for the pregnancy, and I begin to be surprised that we aren’t any further in the hole than we currently are.

The filing of the income taxes will help significantly, as we should be able to finish paying for the pregnancy, pay off the credit card, purchase the needed furniture, and still have enough left over to re-fund the short-term emergency fund, and set a little bit aside for the big emergency fund.

I’m ready to get that taken care of, if only to get back on top of our budget and really focus on some of these expenses.  Part of my solution was to run through our budget and begin to trim any unnecessary fat out of it.  I have been putting $3/week towards my XM Radio subscription.  But they are about to go up on prices and their books don’t look real promising anyway, so I cut it off.  True, it makes less than $200/year difference in our finances, but it is something that we can live without, so we are going to.  My goal this week is to go through the budget and begin to realistically attack the fat in it and free up some more money.

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