Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update Thursday: 3rd Week of December

This week went better than expected, mostly due to a bonus that we weren’t expecting from my wife’s primary job.  That will help when she doesn’t work from Christmas until after the new year, but we went ahead and used it to help pay down the debt a little extra.

This week, we came to within $300 of our goal by reducing our debt to the tune of over $575 this week.  We still have a paycheck coming next week from my secondary job, and then my normal paycheck and my wife’s primary paycheck, so we should be sitting pretty good next week and easily beat the $1500 goal we had set.

We are also meeting with a financial advisor on Saturday to see if there are some places we might be able to trim.  I’m interested to see just how much he’s going to be able to accomplish, since I consider myself fairly balanced when it comes to saving for the future vs. paying down existing debt.  We’ll see, though.  At least he doesn’t charge for this portion of his services…

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