Monday, December 1, 2008

December Goals

This month, we start saving more than we pay off debt, since the birth will cost a decent amount, so our goals will be simpler.  In addition, I am seriously considering dropping my second job this month, and my wife has already quit her second job.  As well, her primary job may be somewhat thin this month due to the holidays, so her primary income may see a decrease.

With Christmas coming up later this month, and all the parties, gift-giving, and added expenses that will inevitably hit, I’m going to set what I feel to be conservative goals, and don’t really plan to spend any more than that.

The goals for this month are simple:  Get the last credit card down to a balance of $3,000.

To do that, we will have to pay off approximately $1,500, less than half of what we paid off in November.

I am still flip-flopping between paying the student loan off next or attacking the next smallest debt, which would be the truck.  Of course, my updates may get fairly sparse, since most of our extra income will go to saving up for the baby, rather than debt reduction, especially after the last credit card is gone, and possibly starting as early as next month.

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