Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Goals

As you know by now, my main concern is to get the American Express paid off by the end of the year.  December is always a more expensive month with all of the Christmas “extras” that come up, so I want to pay down as much of the AmEx as I can in the month of November.

I have cut down my availability at WalMart.  I’m just not able to keep up the pace, and am feeling continually tired and on the verge of collapse.  I will no longer be working on Saturdays, so that should give me some “recoup” time.  The flip side to this is that I will only be available to work one 8-hour shift per week, so I expect that my hours will drop, possibly even significantly.  With two paychecks in November, I don’t want to set the goal too high.  At the same time, my wife should have two (possibly three) paychecks from her second job as well, so that will help there.

We are back down to a 4-week month, so I am setting the goal to have debt paid off as following:

  • $600 from my primary job
  • $800 from my wife’s primary job
  • $300 from my secondary job
  • $400 from my wife’s secondary job

That means that our goal is to pay off $2,100 this month.  That will leave less than $1,200 for December, and should be easily dealt with, even with the added stress of the holidays.

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  1. I've been reading some of your older posts and want to say that I'm impressed with your motivation.

    I can wait to read that your American Express i PAID IN FULL.