Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Week of November Update

Well, the first week of November has hit, and our debt reduction wasn’t nearly as impressive as the second week of October, but we should see a much better second week due to the extra paychecks from our secondary job.

This week, we paid $480 against the American Express, but our bill came due as well, effectively cutting our progress to $463.39.

We started the month with a balance of $3,249.69, and we are now sitting at $2,786.30, leaving us with $1,636.61 left to pay to reach our goal.  We are still on tap for paying off the AmEx by the middle of December, and by next week’s update, our total debt will be under $45,000, meaning that we will have paid off over $33,000 in under 22 1/2 months.

I know that updates have been scarce lately, but time has been as well - as you can see, we are hitting our debt very hard, so free time is more of a luxury and not as available as either of us would like it to be.

We did end up spending some money over the weekend, since we had our second anniversary, but we had put money aside for it, and the two meals easily cost less than a trip would have.  We still spent less than $300, so all and all, we are happy with that.  Besides, we were ready for a break, and needed something to just go crazy on, without hurting our budget.


  1. Happy Anniversary. Every little bit helpswhen getting rid of debt. I am in awe of the committment you have to get this paid off.

  2. Happy anniversary. Your progress is very cool to see and I wish I could say the same. You guys are averaging paying off $350-400 a month. I'm impressed that you keep going as strong as you have, the finish line for the credit cards is in sight.