Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spending Pressure

I’ve spent a little extra every week for the past few weeks.  Our storage room needed organizing, so I bought shelves and containers for it.  Our cables needed organizing, so I bought pegboard for that.  I “needed” a break, so I bought a 360 for that.  Everywhere I turn, headway on debt is slowed by pressure (inward or outward) to spend, spend, spend.  The latest and greatest is only one small step away.  Getting out of debt is at least five large steps away.

I wish that I could just release myself from the pressure, simplify my life, and have just enough to get by without worrying about whether or not my next decision is going to set us back.

I’m posting this more as a personal reminder when I begin to feel pressured to spend money that the pressure isn’t always good – and if there’s an alternate route to take, I need to at least consider it.

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