Friday, May 30, 2008

Blog Direction

I think I want a visible representation of our debt somewhere on this page...  a progress bar showing where we started and how far we have left to go...  Trouble is, I haven't found a widget for blogspot that does that.  Any ideas?

Also, I'm considering a move to 3 columns, but the templates to accomplish that don't seem to actually be in existence...

Anyway - nothing financial today, really...  But the weekend provides a break to the mundane thought of simply working to pay off debt.


  1. Howdy!! OH, but yes there is a fantastic site that will show you how to move your template to three column. I just used this site myself on the weekend of May 17th to do just that. Here's a TinyURL to Tips for New Bloggers - Three Columns Rounders 3 Template:

    Check my site label "Tech Stuff" to see some other widgets I've incorporated.

    I'll email you the code I use on my site for my progress bars. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Send me an email or add me to your Google IM ( and let's discuss what you'd like in a debt widget.

    A friend and I are about two weeks out on launching a blog widget site which focuses on goal tracking widgets; we don't have a debt widget yet.

    Michael Moore